Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Day in the Life: Reincarnated

For those of you who don't know... or may not remember... there once was a website all about the life of my children and me. There were pictures and stories for family and friends to read and enjoy. Then, one day the site disappeared and with it so did the connection we shared.

Through the years, unbeknownst to our family and friends, we have laughed,

we have cried,

we have celebrated,

we have grown,

and we have left our humble little home in Florida and moved to North Carolina.

The once single and stressed out mother of two is now an attached and happy 3o-something year old woman.

The now nearly 10 year old daughter is an honor roll student....

and the 5 and a half year old boy is a Pre-K graduate.

We invite you to rejoin us on our adventures.


  1. i <3 you big sister... you should follow me with this account... you know so my many follower *lol* can see you and follow you too. :) *lol* Ori does look a little like C (Hilary thought they looked alike), he gets those three angry lines between his eyes, which is funny because he's such a smiley boy.

  2. Welcome... uh... back? Nice to uh... meet you?

  3. I have this crazy urge to knit that puppy some leg warmers!