Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love Your Enemies

My work schedule has been on for the last 9 days and after an enormous amount of coffee I have finally reached my Friday. I can barely contain my excitement. Since returning to work from my last two days off (which miraculously were a real weekend) I have encountered the following:

  • A cat fight between two women in a department that I am over.... which leads to a serious drop in sales

  • A short, angry, thick accented, make a mountain out of a molehill, grudge holding (even with the most minor issue) woman's inquiry and complaint about a coupon and a sales decision. This lasted three days for each instance.

  • I was enlightened on the fact that I apparently have a communication issue with afore mentioned woman. When I leave step by step, even a rodent could get this right directions that take up to three pages to make sure that things happen correctly... I am not clear enough to get the desired results... which leads to the entire list being redone by another employee...

  • I was informed that the new VP was coming and over the course of days there is list after list of details that need to be done while one aisle of the store is torn apart and being reset and the sales in my department have hit toilet water because of the attitude of (once again) the afore mentioned woman.

  • Did I mention that the boss and his second were both off for the three days right before the new VP was to come? Fortunately, however, they did come in for a couple hours the day before to iron out some issues that we were made aware of and make more notes.

  • Scrambling to make sure as much was done as humanly possible before my shift ended that Monday evening, I finally gave in to the reality that I can not do it all and I had to go home.

  • Enter VP: The big day came and I prayed all the way there that they had come and gone and I would only have to hear about the visit. As I entered the building off to my left I see our DM standing with my boss. I made a B-line for the office, grabbed the second in charge and was updated on how far a long they were and the feeling he got off the guy. Upon meeting the VP I come to the conclusion that he is an ok man and most of my efforts were probably not even noticed.

  • The VP complimented my department, which is good, but the credit went to the afore mentioned woman because my boss failed to mention that she did none of the work because she has no idea what her position entails nor how do do those things. He did mention that she was wrong for the position, which confused the VP. (Although I was mentioned and I was praised by the DM and my boss... Thanks, guys!)

  • My night was spent cleaning our incredibly messy office because we are supposed to "set the tone" for our employees. During my house maid duties there was a page for me to call the front from none other than the afore mentioned woman. Let me explain one thing, we have a code that is to be paged when assistance is required at the front... it is taught day one of employment. This woman has worked there for about 3 + years. This phone call says, "Blah, blah, blah." Translation: "I just love aggravating you to death, Thank you." She hangs up and I suddenly am so infuriated that I can barely breathe. I take a few minutes, make the page, and walk to the front. The whole time I am telling myself to relax and breath. After all the customers have left the area, I abruptly and as professionally as I could told her what she should have done besides paging me to call her... I also mentioned that there were no excuses; help would come when she made the page.

  • In the office about an hour later the afore mentioned woman enters to do her scheduled duty of taking the trash... when she makes a comment, "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!" My first reaction... no good... so I hold my breath this time and turn my back to continue my own work.

The Lord knows what today will bring... but today nothing will matter… even the afore mentioned woman can't bring me down. I'm going to work riding my cloud of peace and glory, I will smile and be disgustingly nice and then I will go home. I will kiss the heads of Broadway and Song Writer and curl up in bed with Love and fall happily to sleep.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Day in the Life: Reincarnated

For those of you who don't know... or may not remember... there once was a website all about the life of my children and me. There were pictures and stories for family and friends to read and enjoy. Then, one day the site disappeared and with it so did the connection we shared.

Through the years, unbeknownst to our family and friends, we have laughed,

we have cried,

we have celebrated,

we have grown,

and we have left our humble little home in Florida and moved to North Carolina.

The once single and stressed out mother of two is now an attached and happy 3o-something year old woman.

The now nearly 10 year old daughter is an honor roll student....

and the 5 and a half year old boy is a Pre-K graduate.

We invite you to rejoin us on our adventures.